Integrity in Leadership

The spirit of an organization is created from the top

The proof of the sicerity and seriousness of a management is uncompromising, emphasis on integrity of character. This above all, has to be symbolized in management's "people" decisions. For it is character through which leadership is exercised; it is a character that set the example and is limited. Character is not something one can fool people about.The people with whom a person works, and especially subordinate, know in a few weeks weather he or she had integrity or not. They may forgive a person for a great deal; incompetence, ignorance,insecurity, or bad manners. But they will not forgive a lack of integrity in that person. Nor will they forgive higher management for choosing him.

This is particularly true of the people at the head of an enterprise. For the spirit of an organization is created from top. If an organization is great in spirit, it is because the spirit of its top people is great. If it decays, it does so because the top rots; as the proverb has it. "Trees die from top".'No one should ever be appointed to a senior position unless top management is willing to have his or her character serve as the model for subordinates.

Action point: Evaluate the character of the CEO and top management when considering a job offer. Align yourself with people who have integrity.