• Eliminate wastage during filling, transportation, and discharging material.
  • Saves your precious material from environmental effects.
  • Can carry weight up to 2 tons.
  • Reduces labor cost.
  • Can be customized to your manufacturing needs and those of your clients.
  • Color printing turns FIBC into a mobile advertising board promoting your brand or displaying vital product and handling information.
  • Makes secondary packaging unnecessary.
  • No pallets needed as each FIBC has integrated lifting loops, as well as a stable form factor for storage.
  • Lowest packaging weight per ton shipped.
  • Lower transportation and storage cost.
  • Designed for easy recycling once working life is over thereby reducing your ecological footprint.
  • Can be used for hazardous chemicals while protecting your labor from being exposed.

Advantages of LINER

  • Secure product’s integrity.
  • Protect from the surrounding environment.
  • Helps prevent exposure to moisture and keep products dry.
  • Control and prevent air and gas migration.
  • Control aromas and tainting.
  • Enable suitable handling of powders/granular materials.
  • Reduce product leakage.