Basic Structure

BULK Flexibles Pakistan

BULK Flexibles Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited formerly Greif Flexibles Pakistan is a global supplier of bulk bags, high-quality manufacturer and market leader in Pakistan since 2007 of high-quality Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBCs) and other high-quality packaging materials including Polyethelyene Liners and Polypropylene woven sacks.


Our bags have been developed for the construction industry to provide some material advantages in manual handling over smaller containers. They are manufactured for multiple uses of raw material. They are also available in a variety of sizes and material.


We do not follow the conventional way of making FIBC. Our FIBCs cannot only be recycled but comes first at packaging, storage & transportation of your recycled products.


Industries in the agriculture sector use our FIBCs to carry and transport Agricultural products.

Chemical & Mines

We provide storage containers for every kind of Chemical and Mining material.