Advantages of FIBCs

  • Eliminate wastage during filling, transportation, and discharging material.
  • Saves your precious material from environmental effects. 
  • Can carry weight up to 2 tons.
  • Reduces labor cost.
  • Can be customized to your manufacturing needs and those of your clients.
  • Color printing turns FIBC into a mobile advertising board promoting your brand or displaying vital product and handling information. 
  • Makes secondary packaging unnecessary. 
  • No pallets needed as each FIBC has integrated lifting loops, as well as a stable form factor for storage. 
  • Lowest packaging weight per ton shipped.
  • Lower transportation and storage cost. 
  • Designed for easy recycling once the working life is over thereby reducing your ecological footprint. 

Advantages of Liners


BULK Flexibles Pakistan offers a variety of liners made of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE films to protect the quality and the properties of your products.  We possess state-of-the-art co-extrusion equipment to manufacture film in house and clean-room environments to produce the liners for your specific needs. 

In addition to liners for FIBCs, we can also produce liners to protect your roofs in the rainy season and other liquid applications.

Our liners provide the following benefits:

Protect from the surrounding environment. 

Helps prevent exposure to moisture and keep products dry. 

Control and prevent liquid and gas migration.